Ever since I migrated from Truffle to Buidler, I have found buidler plugins & tasks to be very useful in my workflow.

If you don’t know Buidler, check out their site at https://buidler.dev/

Buidler is a task runner for ethereum smart contract developers. It allows you to create tasks that aid in the workflow and productivity during development.

Buidler Task Alt Text

Console Alt Text

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Contract Sizer & Spdx License Identifier Plugins

Alt Text

Alt Text

These plugins will go in your buidler.config.js file.

The spdx-license-identifier plugin will prepend the license field from your package.json file in every contract that doesn’t have one defined.

The contract-sizer plugin outputs the sizes of your contracts to the console.

Alt Text

Their website contains detailed documentation and also includes a tutorial if you want to learn more.

Tutorial: https://buidler.dev/tutorial/ Documentation: https://buidler.dev/getting-started/ Plugins: https://buidler.dev/plugins/

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