I have been working on my ShadowGas project for the past week and it has been a great learning experience.

With the help of another member on here (Sam Bacha) I was able to find another gas token called, Liquid Gas Token. The LGT allows you to mint and burn in the same transactions, thus discounting transactions a bit more than GST and CHI.

I have changed the ShadowGas contract to better fit it’s described functionality (Stores, Transfers, and Trades). I have started testing the first two and at the moment the contract only includes functions that work with CHI and LGT (I plan on adding GST later).

The master branch shows the old contract, I have just pushed the new one to the dev branch. You can check out the repo below.


I plan to continue on blogging my development of my ShadowGas project!

This post is also available on DEV.